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Also available from France: 
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What is Global Access Plus France Service?

Global Access Plus (GA+) is a Primus direct dial service that can be used from a registered land line only. It uses an intelligent global fiber optic network and is designed to give the customer speed, ease of use, benefits from reduced rates for Local, National, and International calls, as well as to mobile phones with crystal clear connections.

The Customer is allowed to choose from dialing a prefix for each call or preselection that will require no prefix.  All calls will be routed over the Primus network (except special numbers and to special services offered by the national operator). 

How the GA + France Service Works

The customer dials the prefix 1656 from their registered
    touch-tone telephone. 
The phone number is recognized by the switch as being registered,
   and the customer hears a bong tone and can then dial the destination
   number, after having dialed the correct country code code. 

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Benefits of using Spectra France (Global Access +)

Instant, direct access - no time delay waiting (like with callback services).
Keep your current telephone number.
No sign up fee. Free activation. No monthly minimum fee.
Crystal clear connections with our global fiber optic network.
No commitment. Cancel service any time if not satisfied.
Free fully itemized call statements every month.

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Customer Instructions

National calls, dial 1656 + 0 + city code + number. 
    For example: 1656 + 0 + 1 + 41439648. 
  International calls, dial 1656 + 00 + country code + city code + number. 
    For example: 1656 + 00 + 44 + 1 + 716696314. 
  Mobile calls, dial 3133 (wait for a tone) + 0 + 6 + the rest of the mobile number. 
    For example:  3133 + 0 + 6 + 14190000. 

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More Global Access + Details

Global Access+ (Spectra 1656) France will not function when placing
   calls from a mobile phone. Instead, customers can use Global Access Direct for mobile phones. 
Each registered number will have a monthly usage limit. If 
   no limit is specified on the order, Telegroup will automatically 
   default to a 250 USD limit. When the customer reaches the usage
   limit, the line will not work until it is reset. Limits are reset on 
   the 20th day of each month. 
Billing increments for national and international calls is 01/01 while calls to 
   mobile phones are billed per minute, 60/60. 
Charges start when the party being called answers the call.
There is no voice prompts. 
There is no set up charge. 
Telegroup will apply 20.6% Value Added Tax (VAT) to all invoices. 
Invoices are generated each month. 
Calls are rated in FF and customers are billed in FF. 

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