Affinity Callback is an international communications broker that provides phone services around the world at a fraction of what most people currently pay. Together with our global carrier United World Telecom, we can offer you a wide portfolio of  services, and give you the freedom to make calls from almost any country to anywhere in the world for very low prices. A private user or a business owner can take control over their telephone costs and by-pass the expensive rates often charged by the local/national telephone companies (PTT's).

The deregulation of telecommunication monopolies in many countries around the world has created a rapidly changing and growing telecom market; from a state monopoly with only one telecom operator on each market to the point where there now are hundreds of operators competing on the global market. In the U.S. for example, open competition has brought long distance telephone rates down over 70%. Now, a similar evolution is taking place in international long distance. Primus communications is one of the most competative carriers available.

In the fast moving world of communications, ever changing technology provides new opportunities to save money on telephone calls. The large phone companies are naturally slow to pass these savings through to customers. As an independent communications broker we constantly monitor the industry to bring new and exciting ways to improve our range of quality services and offer our customers the lowest prices available. 

Affinity started 1994 but has the same philosophy today

  "It's all about communications between people. The rest is technology. The ever increasing competition between telecommunications service providers, combined with the changing lifestyles and expectations of today's users, demands more advanced and comprehensive services which, at the same time, are simpler to use. Amidst the confusion arising from the multitude of services and providers, Affinity Telecom wants to assist individuals and buisnesses to find the absolute best calling solutions available on the market. Our aim is to always to strive for simplicity, personal customer service, and the highest quality of the global communications services that we offer. Standing still in the communications business basically means you are  falling behind. The communications revolution has only just begun... Over the next few years we can expect enormous changes in rates and services due to the rapid development of powerful IP+ATM networks, advanced internet services, e-commerce solutions and many other new exciting technologies."

We hope that this website has answered some of the questions that you may have had. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about Affinity Telecom or the services we provide. Our partner offices span the globe and offer high quality local customer service in many different languages.


Note: The name Affinity was carefully chosen after studying the ancient hebrew concept which the word is rooted in. The unique word has a multitude of meanings such as: close agreement, closeness, connection, and relationship. These are the main pillars that we want to build with our customers around the globe.   -   An International Callback Service