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What Is Global Access Direct Service

Global Access Direct (GAD) service is the implementation of our new generation of switching technology. GAD is a direct dial-through service. This means the customer does not have to hang up when placing a international call, giving the customer transparent access to our service. You simly access the network by dialing a freephone number before the number you wish to call. Our rates are some of the lowest available in Poland.

Use the service from any phone ! ! !
A major added feature with Global Access Direct (GAD) is that it can be used from ANY telephone in your country.  Our service will prompt you to enter in pin number if you are dialing from a payphone, mobile phone or a hotel room. You will be billed at the same long distance rates as if you were calling from your office or home. 

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Benefits of using Global Access Direct Poland

Instant, direct access - no time delay waiting (like with callback services).
Keep your current telephone number.
The service can be used calling from mobile phones!
No sign up fee. Free activation. No monthly minimum fee.
Crystal clear connections with our global fiber optic network.
No commitment. Cancel service any time if not satisfied.
PIN allows customer use of the service from any touch-tone 
   phone in Poland at the same low rate 24 hours a day, seven
   days a week.
Free fully itemized call statements every month.

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Customer Instructions

1. From a touch-tone phone, dial the access number 00.800.45.11210 
    This is a toll-free (free phone) call within Poland.
2. After you hear the bong tone, enter your PIN, press #
3. After you hear the next bong tone, please enter the country code and the destination number.
4. Press #.
5. To make additional calls, press # # (pound key twice).

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More GAD - Poland Details

  Can be used from ANY phone.
  You do not have to change your current service or long distance carrier.
  Absolutely top sound quality of the phone call.
  Actual billing time is 30/06. You will be billed for the first 30 
    seconds and then in increments of 6 seconds.
  Charges start once the party being called answers his or her phone. 
  There are no minimum usage fees.
  The rates will be calculated in US dollar.

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