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Do you want a global Primus calling card?
- Try our Primus Passport . .

This primus calling card will enable you to access savings in over 45 countries. Don't let miles come between you and your loved ones, using your new Primus  calling card they are as close as the nearest touch tone phone.

Primus Calling Card Global Ratefinder (Rates Effective 15 Sept 2003)

Calling from:
Calling to: US$/min
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Affinity is a global agent for Telegroup, a divsion Primus Telecommunications Group Inc.,

This card is great for summer travellers, students, military personnel, world business travellers. This is best global calling card in the telecom industry! The prices are between 20-60% lower then AT&T, Sprint and BT global phonecards. You are conveniently billed monthly, only for calls made.  In addition to our low pricing with no "per call" surcharges, Primus Passport Calling card has a variety of special features including: Conference calling on up to five lines, speed dial, language choices, Travelling ISP- coming soon and much more! 
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Affinity is a global agent for Telegroup, a divsion Primus Telecommunications Group Inc.,

Benefits of  PRIMUS
Calling Card
Call from over 45 different Countries! 
No minimum usage requirement!
No connection fees!
No Monthly fees! 
Not prepaid!
No sign up fees!
Invoice can be sent to any 
    country in the world!

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General terms & conditions
International   Customers
Billing address outside the USA & Canada
No Per Call Surcharges outside USA
    (USA 0.47US$ surcharge)
*Calls from Cellular phone allowed!
From the USA; 30 sec. start-up, 6 sec. billing.
Calls from other Countries; 1 min billing.
Set your own monthly Card limit!
Monthly payment by Credit Card!
V.A.T. added when billed within the E.U. 
   (residental customers only)
Language Prompts available in: Arabic, 
Cantonese,Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Vietnamese




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