What Is International Callback?

International Callback is a unique innovation designed to provide U.S. international long distance rates to countries outside the United States.

A customer outside the U.S. dials a U.S. number (which never answers) and hangs up after one or two rings. The U.S. callback computer immediately calls back the caller with a U.S. line. The caller then makes his call as usual. He may dial a U.S. number or a number in any other country, using the U.S. lines and billed at our low international callback rates.

Affinity Callback offers International Callback services world wide. The rates to call internationally using U.S. lines are generally very competitive because most non-U.S. telephone companies are monopolies (or state run) with no competitive pressures.

For example, say you want to make a call from France to Japan. From your telephone in France, you simply dial the "callback computer" in the U.S. and hang up after one or two rings (there is no charge for this part of the call). The callback computer will immediately call you back with a dial tone. You then enter the number in Japan you wish to call and you are connected. That's all there is to it.

  • Competitive International Callback Rates

  • 6 Second Billing, 30 Second Minimum

  • No fees other than usage. No minimum billing requirement.

  • Calls are conveniently billed to your major credit card.

  • Optional toll-free access from the USA

  • Optional Follow-Me Allows User Re-Programming of Callback Number

  • Auto-Route Offers Customized Extension/Room Number Prompting

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