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Cheap International Callback Phone Service Rates

International Callback is a unique innovation designed to provide U.S. international phone service rates to countries outside the US. Affinity Callback makes finding the lowest callback phone rates easy.  Whether you are looking for regular callback service or mobile/sms or internet/web triggered callback, we have some of the the cheapest rates available to and from any country in the world. Use our Globalfinderô Rates Calculator below to make sure you are getting the best callback rates available for your area. Our callback service can be activated by regular landline telephones, internet or mobile phones. Unlike some callback service provider our services have no monthly minimum charge or line charges, no signup costs and no billing fees. You only pay for your usage! So why not order your callback service online today!

  þ No signup fee or monthly fee!

  þ NO Taxes. NO VAT. Online Billing!

  þ Call billing 30/6 Seconds

  þ NO Charge for Busies & No Answers

  þ Can be used from cell/mobile!

  þ Activate via phone/cell/sms/web!

  þ Change your callback number online!

Calling from: (Origin Country)

Calling to: (Destination Country)

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